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window film designs for homesThe following designs are for residential applications. We can accommodate any size up to 58" on either the width OR height (custom sizes and designs are welcomed though they may incur a slight modification fee). There is a minimum order of $150 before shipping for our window film.

Pricing for Illuminado HOME DESIGNS: $18 per square foot. When figuring up square footage, round to next half square foot up.

Square footage sheet PDF CLICK HERE

Design IH-1
home decorative stained glass window film IH-1

Design IH-2
residential stained glass window film IH-2

Design IH-3
home decorative stained glass cling IH-3

Design IH-4
home decorative stained glass film IH-4

Design IH-5
residential decorative window film IH-5

Design IH-10
home decorative stained glass window film IH-6

Design IH-20
home decorative window film design IH-20
Design IH-21
home decorative stained glass film IH-21

Design IH-22
 home decorative stained glass film IH-22

Design IH-23
decorative film design IH-23
Design IH-24
home decorative stained glass window film IH-24

Design IH-25
beveled window film design IH-25

Design IH-26
stained glass window cling design IH-26
Design IH-27

Baptistery Church murals

decorative stained glass window film




stained glass for churches
Religious murals
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